New Restaurant in Phoenix

Vig Fillmore opening in downtown Phoenix

In the next several months, downtowners will have a new place to eat wings, play bocce ball and sip cocktails at happy hour. That’s because Vig owners Tucker Woodbury and Jim Riley are planning to open a third Phoenix location of their popular taverns.

The original Vig in Arcadia just celebrated its sixth anniversary, and Vig Uptown opened in 2010.

The new restaurant, Vig Fillmore, will be housed in a renovated bungalow on Fourth Avenue and Fillmore Street in the former Palette and Terra’s Garden. Fans can follow the construction progress on Facebook by liking “The Fillmore Vig” page.

Vig Fillmore
606 N. Fourth Ave.

Visit Vig website here.

Vig Arcadia
4041 N. 40th St.
Phoenix, 602-553-7227

Vig Uptown
6015 N. 16th St.
Phoenix, 602-633-1187

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